How to
BayScaping can be as simple as a few native potted plants on your balcony, or as elaborate as tearing up your whole lawn and replacing it with native planting beds. Follow these links to find out how to create and maintain your very own BayScape.

Use one of our Native Plant Guides to Choose native plants
Know your site
Avoid invasive species
Examples of native plant gardens

Remember, using native plants, it’s hard to goof. There are no right or wrong answers. If you plant something and later think it would look better in a different spot, move it. If you plant too much of something or a plant has spread more than anticipated, share with friends. If a plant dies, replace it. If you want more of something, collect it’s seeds and spread it around. Many natives tolerate a wide range of conditions, particularly in a garden setting where there is less competition from weeds and other plants. No matter what, you are likely to succeed. So have fun with it!

credit: USFWS